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Born in UK, 1979

“I've been drawing since I was old enough to hold a pencil, pen, or whatever I could find to draw with. Having grown up around lots of animals, I naturally preferred to draw them over anything else. I have dabbled in Tolkien-inspired art but always went back to painting animals in the end. I have constantly strived to achieve a level of hyper realism in my work but more recently started to feel a desire to loosen up somewhat as well and so I started my line of sketches....starting off in graphite and moving over to charcoal on toned paper. These sketches have proven to be extremely popular partly due to being suited to those on lower budget but also for those who prefer the sketchier style than my usual realism. I will continue to pursue and enjoy both alongside each other.


I did my first commissioned portraits when I was still at school and have continued to do them, mainly through word of mouth, since then. I finally left my unstimulating retail job to do this full time in August 2020 and look forward to my path from here”

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